How do the treatments at Aanandakosha work?

Upon your arrival, the doctor will conduct a consultation with you to understand your Prakriti (i.e. your body’s metabolic constitution, composition, “dosha”, and natural tendencies), as well as your Vikruti (i.e. your ailments, your imbalances, your pains, and symptoms). He will then create a customized treatment plan depending on your requirement, your duration of stay, and your intensity of ailment. This treatment plan can include a long list of Ayurvedic treatments – each will have tweaks depending on what is needed. You also have the opportunity to discuss with the doctor treatments that you are interested in, and if feasible, they can be included too. For example, some guests are on the lookout for some much-needed, deep relaxation and they request more sessions of the Abhyangam massage.

Is Wi-Fi provided at the property?

Yes, there is Wi-Fi at the property. It works well to manage basic emails and messages to friends and family.

Is there a pool at the property?

Yes, we have a pool at the property, with comfortable seating and towels available for your use.

What types of rooms are available at Aanandakosha?

You can choose from three types of rooms at Aanandakosha –  the Ayur Suites, the Ayur Deluxe, each with its private treatment facility, and the Ayur Standard room.

How far are you from the beach?

Aanandakosha is 2 kilometers from Kovalam Beach. From our suite and deluxe room balconies, you get a great view of the Arabian Sea and sunset.

What clothing should I bring to Aanandakosha? Are toiletries provided?

At Aanandakosha, the ambiance is completely relaxed. We recommend loose, cotton clothing for daily wear. It would be advisable to have a pair of comfortable running shoes for walks and attires that allow you to participate in yoga. A light robe is provided for your Ayurveda treatments. The aim is to be comfortable and unconstrained. Toiletries and towels are provided.

Do you offer airport pick-up and drop-off?

For all stays of duration 7 nights or above, airport transfers are included. A nominal charge (of the taxi fare) is applied for stays below 7 nights. We have a chauffeur sent to the airport to receive you, with a signboard displaying your name.

What is the difference between Unlimited Ayurveda and Divulge Classic Ayurveda?

Unlimited Ayurveda is best suited for the following guest.

For others, the Divulge Ayurveda or other packages work well.

Is Aanandakosha meant for solo female travelers? 

Aanandakosha is a safe haven, and we have a lot of single women frequenting our location for our welcoming ambiance, holistic environment, peaceful surroundings, and loving staff – we have even hosted women’s only retreats at Aanandakosha. We are sure you will find your stay with us especially positive for your body, mind, and soul.

Does the resort only serve a vegetarian diet or do we have an option of a non-vegetarian fare?

While Ayurveda encourages a vegetarian diet, it does not prescribe it – instead, it focuses on the right balance of food, as we do at Aanandakosha too. We do have non-vegetarian options available at Aanandakosha – our focus is simply on good, clean, healthy eating. On occasion, our chef takes guest inputs and makes special dishes.

Does a 21-night package have more effect than a 7-night package?

In all honesty, absolutely yes. It will give you more time to clear your toxins and to get more effect from the therapies. Something we always tell our guests is that your wellness journey could start at Aanandakosha, but must continue after your stay with us too. So, take time to learn the right habits and carry them forward to your routine. The longer you spend with us, the more the effect and the more the chances of taking good habits back with you.

However, we also take care to ensure that our 7-night stay condenses all our teachings and primes you to initiate and continue your wellness journey.

Are there spiritual activities at Aanandakosha?

We have yoga and meditation classes at various nooks of the property. Also, the lobby features a library, so you can grab a book, go for a walk and introspect. Interacting with like-minded people is also encouraged and an integral part of your healing.

What food can I expect at Aanandakosha?

Our restaurant has Ayurvedic-inspired vegetarian cuisine with a curated menu for each week based on seasonality and based on the doctor’s consultation and the guest’s body type.

Our chef, Anoob, makes wholesome healthy Indian cuisine, with a focus on getting your radiance back and having your energy levels soar, not just losing weight and toning up your muscles. Our flavors are never bland, and we make each of our meals with the purpose of delighting and satiating our guests.

Each meal is freshly prepared for each guest at the time the meal is requested – one would never find a buffet at Aanandakosha.

Our ingredients are fresh and locally sourced or from our organic garden. We supplement our menu with fresh-pressed juices and health drinks to detoxify and re-energize you.

All meals are cooked keeping in mind foods that balance all three doshas – a Tridosha cuisine that helps enhance your Ayurveda treatment plan. Non-vegetarian dishes are served on request; you are expected to get the doctor’s permission, so the items consumed do not clash with your treatment.

Aanandakosha’s cuisine is truly a culinary experience that imbibes the best of Ayurveda. 

What about the yoga & meditation classes at Aanandakosha?

Yoga and meditation sessions take place either on your balcony or in the open space, surrounded by the sound of bird-song, in lush greenery. Aanandakosha’s yoga instructor will personally consult with you to understand your body condition and can suggest yoga postures best meant for your body type, with the aim of improving your identified ailments, through basic hatha yoga. 

Are there places to go for walks and be amidst nature?

There are many places to facilitate walks around the property, including the walkway path. You can also go on nature walks, village walks & temple walks. Please ask our front office for more information.

About our rooms

What is a suite room?

A large unit with a sitting room, a bedroom, an in-room treatment area, and a balcony overlooking the Arabian Sea.

What is a deluxe room?

A room with a balcony overlooking the Arabian Sea. The room is equipped to have an in-room treatment space.

What is a standard room?

The room is standard in size with all comforts required.

What are the amenities available in the rooms?

The décor is all handcrafted with classy, minimalist finishing. 

Amenities include

Are all rooms air-conditioned?

Yes, all rooms are air-conditioned and each is equipped with a ceiling fan.

What kind of holistic treatments are provided at Aanandakosha?

For physical wellness, Aanandakosha’s Ayurvedic treatments include therapies, food, and yoga. The property supports this through the treatment areas, spa area, comfy clothes provided to you, and the many places to do yoga and the walkway paths.

For mental wellness, Aanandakosha provides a sanctuary from daily stresses, a calming and peaceful environment, and a happy staff that are ever-present to assist our guests in every way possible. Checking in is made extremely easy and there is need to spend any money after you have made your booking, as everything is included with the booking.

For spiritual wellness, our yoga and meditation classes and the calm ambiance with the private libraries give our guests a true chance at switching off and reconnecting with themselves. The surrounding pool, greenery, and the birds that come visiting give guests a chance to connect with nature and introspect.

What is Aanandakosha’s location like?

The property is tucked away in lush greenery right on top of a hill overlooking the Arabian Sea. Add to this the tranquillity of the surrounding village and the inviting pool to relax, and you need no more reason to leave your fast-paced, rushed lives behind and truly enjoy life in the slow lane.

What is the Aanandakosha property like?

Aanandakosha’s décor is one of contemporary and understated elegance. The combination of wood, Kerala architecture, toned-down colors, and art pieces sourced locally from Kerala artists, make our interiors minimalist and classy.

In line with our wellness objective, our classic designs and clean finishing adds to the calm and serene environment that allows our guests’ minds to rest.