Ayurveda meets elegance at the best ayurvedic resort, Aanandakosha. The property is 15 minutes from the Trivandrum Airport in Kerala, India tucked away in a private, serene location, overlooking the Arabian Sea from a distance. All our Ayurveda packages are all-inclusive – they include accommodation, gourmet meals, Yoga and Meditation.

Great care has been put into every detail at the Aanandakosha Ayurveda Retreat to ensure you get a truly transformational experience of physical, mental, and spiritual healing. We provide personalized care to all our guests and patients to ensure just the right treatment – the proof is in our testimonials.

Being the best ayurvedic resort, all our rooms are well equipped with modern facilities to cater to your day-to-day needs. Designed in a sleek and contemporary fashion, the rooms are fitted with king-sized beds and twin beds, using superior cotton bedding. Fresh fruit, bottled water, and a selection of herbal teas are always available.

Get a full night’s rest. Wake up to the chirping of the birds. Your balcony overlooks the Arabian Sea and is shaded by soothing foliage. Enjoy the relaxing view of the Arabian Sea, nursing a warm cup of herbal tea in your hand. We assure you incomparable hospitality and an Ayurvedic experience of a lifetime.


Our rooms have been built to offer a calm and relaxing space for you to continue to rejuvenate following your Ayurveda treatments.  

To keep your doshas in balance, our property is designed with large uncluttered open spaces which nurture a feeling of peace and relaxation.

The woodwork in the entire property is of teak, handcrafted and made by local artisans. The art and décor are handpicked. Being just a 10 room property, we are able to provide you some much-deserved personalized care and attention.

The bamboo groves in and around the property adds to the serene beauty. We have an organic garden where you can spot seasonal tropical fruits such as passion fruit, goa, mango and coconut. You can also join in with the fruit plucking. Bread Fruit and Muringa, considered superfoods, are also found in plenty. Our tranquillity pool and green walkways offer more leisurely activities to indulge in. 

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