We blend the tradition of Ayurveda with our unique method of oil application. In this combination therapy, a head-to-foot massage is done first, which is then followed by a hot bag compress over the spine region and then a steam bath. This therapy stimulates vital points and enhances the flow of energy in the individual.  Relaxation massage will increase the circulation in the body parts, relieve aches and pain, balance the Vata energy factor, check fatigue, improve memory and eyesight, induce good sleep, improve complexion, and relax the mind.

  1. KIZHI

Here, hot compresses are used to massage the whole body. The ingredients of Kizhi (Herbal Bag) will vary according to the condition of the patient. Usually, fresh leaves, herbal powders, lemon, coconut, and rock salt are fried in Ayurvedic oils to prepare the hot compress. While doing the therapy, the hot bags will be dipped in the oil as prescribed by the doctor and will be rubbed all over the body. Kizhi will help in relieving any spasms and stiffness of muscles and reduce joint pain, especially backache.


Siras means the head and Dhara means the continuous flow of liquids. Sirodhara is one of the popular therapies in Ayurveda, in which a steady stream of lukewarm liquids is poured on the forehead in a specific pattern and height.  The medicated liquids can be oils, buttermilk, honey, a decoction, or even water. Dhara with Ayurvedic oils is very effective for a multitude of problems such as sleep disturbance, stress, anxiety, migraine, headaches, neurological problems, etc. When buttermilk is used, it’s very effective in treating hair fall and scalp disease, and other skin problems, especially Psoriasis.


Pizhichil is another contribution to the science of healing by the Ayurvedic tradition. Here, the body fomentation is done by pouring lukewarm oils over the body parts at a specific height followed by a gentle hand massage. This therapy is very useful in treating general body weakness, nervous disorders, paralysis, arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, etc. The oil bath is also done on those who do not suffer from any specific ailment, as a revitalizing therapy.


Njavarakizhi is a very unique therapy developed by Ayurvedic Vaidhyas. The first part of the treatment is a whole-body oil application with specific Ayurvedic oils, followed by a massage therapy with medicinal rice bags (Njavara rice) dipped in Sida decoction and milk. This treatment is indicated for conditions such as muscular wasting, stiffness of joints, arthritis, and paralysis. The Njavara rice has nourishing properties and is the best choice for the treatment of body emaciation.


The treatment protocol is the same as an oil bath, with the difference being, instead of oil, a fermented medicated liquid will be poured over the body, coupled with a gentle massage. The liquid used for the treatment is sharp and hot in potency, so this therapy is very useful for conditions like obesity, generalized edema, etc. It also checks aches and pain.


This therapy can be done with and without oil application on the body. If oil is applied, it’s called Udhvarthanam and if not, it is Udhgarshanam. A herbal powder is used to massage. This therapy helps in depleting fat, strengthening muscles, removing impurities, dead skin and cells, and stimulating circulation. Udhvarthanam is done as a preparatory therapy in a rejuvenating program.


It’s an excellent therapy for your spine. Lukewarm oil is retained on the low backs or necks for about 30-45 minutes in a dam made with dough. This relieves neck and back pain due to stress, stiffness, spasm, pains, and aches. It is also very effective in degenerative disorders, sciatic pain, and muscular sprains.


Very similar to Kadi and Greeva Vasthy, here the oil is retained on the knees. This therapy is highly effective in Osteoarthritis of the knees, pain due to injuries, etc.


Warm, medicated oil is retained on the chest of the patient within an herbal paste boundary. This treatment is for Asthma, Costo-Chondritis, and Bronchitis, and greatly improves heart function.


A long chef’s cap is fixed on the head of the patient in which lukewarm oil is retained for about 30 minutes. Highly effective in treating visual problems, memory issues, sleep disturbances, headaches, etc.


A herbal paste boundary is made around the eyes of the patient and medicated ghee is retained within for about 30-45 minutes. It helps in increasing oxygenation and circulation in the cells around the eyes and is very effective in treating dark circles and crow’s feet. Therapeutically, this therapy is done for Cataracts, Optic Nerve, and Ocular Muscle diseases.  


Ksheer Dhoomam involves fomentation of the skin on the face using cow’s milk which has been medicated. This has been especially useful in treating facial paralysis and other nervous disorders of the face.


A herbal paste made out of Amla and special roots is applied to the head after a gentle head massage. The head will then be covered with banana leaves and oil suitable for the condition of the patient will be poured through a hole made in the leaves. It is very effective in cooling, calming, and relaxing the mind. It helps in improving memory, retaining calmness, and ensuring sound sleep. It is also effective for Dandruff and Scalp Psoriasis.

  1. PICHU 

Under the Pichu therapy, a layer of cotton cloth is dipped in medicated oil and laid over the affected area. Highly effective in degenerative and painful spinal problems, injury-related conditions, and diseases of Cranial Nerves.


This therapy is designed to ensure that the pregnancy-related discomforts and changes will not affect the mother’s health. Ayurveda recommends regular oil therapies after the first trimester. This can alleviate upper and lower back pain, aching knees, and overall fatigue, often associated with pregnancy. 


Post-natal massage therapy has multiple benefits. It helps in the re-establishment of the uterus and pelvis to a normal state, ensures healthy lactation, reduces stress levels, and checks neck, shoulder, and back pain. The special herbal bath (Vethu Vellam) enhances wound healing, and relieves edema and muscle stiffness.


An Ayurvedic facial helps in cleansing and balancing the skin. The Anandakosha facial is very relaxing and will soothe your senses while our therapist treats your skin with a blend of natural oils.  The oils, creams, and face packs used will vary from person to person according to the skin type.